Cohort Entry

Rāwhiti School has adopted a cohort entry system for new entrants.  This means that there are only two start dates each term for new entrants:

  • The first day of each term
  • The mid-point during a term, usually the first school day in Week 6.

This could mean that a child may not start school on their 5th birthday so this is something parents should be mindful of when preparing their child for their starting date. Children can remain at their ECE until the intake after their fifth birthday and they will continue to receive funding to attend ECE until they start school.

Starting School 

Click here to see what ‘Starting School At Rāwhiti School‘ looks like.


In zone procedure for enrolling a new entrant child

(If you live out of zone, click here for information)

You can enrol your child at any stage but usually once they turn 4 year old you could start thinking about getting their enrolment underway.

You can come into school and pick up an enrolment pack, or you can find all the information here on the website or on the “Starting School” link.

To confirm the enrolment you will be asked to provide:

  • proof of address e.g. power or internet account, rates demand or rental agreement
  • a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport
  • a completed enrolment form
  • your child’s immunisation certificate.

The Ministry of Education advises that parents should be warned of the possible consequences of deliberately attempting to gain unfair enrolment by knowingly giving a false address or making an in-zone living arrangement which they intend to be only temporary. For example:

  • renting accommodation in-zone on a short term basis;
  • arranging temporary board in-zone with a relative or family friend;
  • using the in-zone address of a relative or friend with no intention to live there on an on-going basis.

If the board has reasonable grounds for believing that the given in-zone address will not be a genuine, on-going, living arrangement, the board may decline an offer of a place.

(If you wish to enrol a school aged child already at another school please contact the school office by email to or call on 03 388-9519.)

Bilingual Education

Please contact the school office for more information about enrolling your child in our bi-lingual classes.

Students who live within the school’s home zone and meet the criteria for enrolment in the special programme will be enrolled in the bilingual programme ahead of Out of Zone students.

The criteria for acceptance into Ata Hāpara is that students and their whānau will need to demonstrate a commitment to Tikanga Māori as assessed by the Kaiwhakahaere, Whaea Jasmine Stirling.

The size of the special programme will be determined annually in response to the school’s operational capacity.

The number of students who are able to participate in this programme are limited and priority for acceptance into the programme is as follows:

1.    Applicants residing in the home zone and with siblings attending the Te Tikanga Rua Reo.

2.    Applicants residing in the home zone.

3.    Applicants residing outside the home zone with siblings currently attending the Te Tikanga Rua Reo.

4.    Applicants with extended whānau connections (e.g. cousins)

5.    All other applicants.