Rāwhiti Engagement and Learning Toolkit
The first task of a teacher is to stimulate the appetite to learn. #creative schools. Sir Ken Robinson

This page is under development. It will house a collection of tools, resources and ideas to help Rāwhiti teachers engage and excite learners.
MATHS CASE – Quick Timestable Test

 This is a classic from Sir Ken Robinson. If you haven’t seen this one yet it is a must watch message.



Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
A great list of research and resources categorised by effectiveness.
A huge range of resources that contain information about the physical design of ILEs,
research about the effect of the physical environment,
and also the teaching and learning approaches within an ILE.
Mindset - Carol Dweck


Mindset is the book by Carol Dweck that Rāwhiti School staff are reading as part of our professional development in 2015.

We are also working with James Anderson to help us delve more deeply into growth mindsets.

Growth Mindset collection of crowd sourced resources initiated by Justine Hughes.



Kagan Structures Ideas for collaborative grouping




 This website has a whole host of great resources.

http://www.buildinglearningpower.co.uk/ This is a link to Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power website.
Jamie McKenzie developed the Questioning Toolkit. There are many different types of questions that can help extend thinking.

https://thinkerstoolbox.wikispaces.com/home The Thinkers Toolbox wiki has links to a variety of different thinking tools and resources for teaching thinking